Cottonwood Arena

Arena Construction

   Arena construction began in 2011 when we graded off the arena pad.  For the next two years, that was all we had.  We would go there, unload the horses and play around, just enjoying what we had, all the time knowing that we would actually add the panels and have a "real arena" one day.  

   That day finally came in the spring of 2013!  We began putting up the posts and panels, and it seemed that once we started, so did the rain. There were a number of times we were welding panels under the cover of a shade tent in order to keep things as dry as we could.  Whew, those were the days!  Haha, NOT!!  Just as soon as we got the arena up, we broke ground on the announcer's stand/show office.  Needless to say, that "little project" turned into a big one.  But, with the skill and expertise of Michael and Mark, it went up without a hitch. 

   Next on the list was the Concession Stand.  We are so excited with how it turned out!  Once again, those same skilled fellas, along with the help of our friend Charles, pulled a rabbit out of the hat.  Now we don't have to prepare food under the shade tent!  

   Our newest project that is still currently under construction is a picnic shelter with an outdoor fire place.  As you will see in the photos below, the fireplace is nearly completed.  It is really going to be a beauty, and I personally can hardly wait to break it in!  Then we will hoist the posts, trusses, and put on the roof, pour the floor and be ready to enjoy this newest accomplishment.  

   So, as you can see, we have been steadily working since 2013 to create a facility that everyone will enjoy visiting and look forward to returning to. We have a number of future endeavors we plan to add along the way, hoping to improve the overall usability and convenience for all who attend.