Cottonwood Arena


Cottonwood Arena is a privately owned and operated equine arena in York County, South Carolina. 

It opened in April 2013.  The idea began when, after spending a number of years in the barrel racing industry with their daughters, the McCarters watched as first one locally-owned location closed, then another and another until there were no longer any horse shows, rodeos, fun-days, etc. in the York County area.  Then Angie, her husband and their girls began to dream and explore the possibility of opening up a family-friendly facility in their own community where folks could come out, bring their children, and enjoy a day of barrel racing, calf roping or playday activities.  After several years of planning, researching, talking, dreaming and enduring the ups and downs of an unsteady economy, they decided the time was right to begin the daunting task of turning their long-awaited dream into a reality.


Angie and her family are excited to be able to share their dream with family, friends, and neighbors as they open their gates to what they hope will be many years fo fun, excitement, and making new friends.  Please feel free to check out the Events Calendar page for any and all upcoming events and activities.  Then, pick an event, come out and see what Cottonwood Arena is all about!